Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strict Restrain - Michelle Brown esclavos bdsm

esposa dominante bdsm
The reason where slaves suffer and surrender.
Submissive, domination, bondage, pain, restrains.

5 scenes, 61 min

Fresh and young, Michelle is up~ the body her knees giving her thanks as she receives her flogging. Her Master thumbs bdsm places her in the vac hollow and slowly makes her cum as her body is encased in latex... Restrained adhering the floor, Michelle struggles as her pussy is caned. The thill mounted dong is shoved in her cunt and her pussy drips. Michelle groans in the same manner with the magic wand is pressed against her clit and once again she climaxes for her Master ...In wooden stocks Michelle can extrem bdsm barely move as her mouth is hooked and stretched wide. A flogging ensues and she endures the plague. Hot wax rains down on her bare feet before the dirk dildo slides in her cunt...Seated in the box extrem bdsm gratis, mouth staring with open mouth, her nose is hooked. Big Bad applies the suction cups to her breasts and applies the pressure. The steel vibrator plunges deep inside her pussy and Michelle cums in her declare of immobility... Strapped to the cross the Cumbot fires away at drudge Michelle's pussy as her Master flogs her from above. She thanks her Master for his attentions and orgasms convulsively on the spleeny...
File size: 381.1 MB

esposa dominante bdsm

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