Sunday, March 27, 2011

TheTraining Of O - Maya Matthews, Day Two club bdsm

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Recommendations: When repeatedly asked what the hell she wants here, she goes from noncommittal grunts to indistinct responses like 'I want to get there'. This trainee's reference to club bdsm london a committee is questionable at best, and we put her to work in the ground-floor to break down her airs and test her obedience.

We tell her with that which she despises the most, dirt. She finds it loathsome, displaying her lack of humility and dignity in labor. Her entertainment earns her a painful stress position that she barely whimpers from one side. Throughout, she whines like a brat, curses and flagrantly disrespects her trainer, makes from handed threats about some retaliation from her dominant, then denies at all times bdsm play pen saying any of it. All the while she smugly stands on club bdsm valladolid the merits of some 'past training' that collar bdsm she thinks we in reality care about here. The only thing just barely keeping her from being fired is our committal to Sarge.

But, we stick it out and continue to delve into Maya's perceptions of submission. We finally get tired eros bdsm of her bullshit and fuck her weak, leaving her filthy and naked, locked in a closet till she promises to not be an insolent little cunt any longer. We shall see.

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club bdsm contact london

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