Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hogtied Sep 28, 2010 - Gia DiMarco tub video bdsm

fic bdsm
Welcome back Gia DiMarco, this was through first scene of her day of shooting with us, this was the happen upon and greet. This is where we find out if the type is tough or if we need to tell her to budget up and get out. We all now the final outcome, it being so that lets watch the journey.

Wrists bound and spread Gia is good wondering and waiting. She doesn't wait too long before we tend hitherward in and start fucking with her. Her clothes go first, and we unleash her assuming nipples bdsm personals. We pinch and clamp them hard, add heavy weights and watch her be acted upon. We slap the bitch up a bit and make the whore cum.

She responds well to our hand around her neck in the same state we add a 20lb weight to it. This brings her to her donation toes and now she finds it hard to breathe, this in addition excites her more and her pussy gets wetter. So we decide to torment bbw bdsm her wet sloppy cunt. A rope is pulled though her flowing wet pussy and another bowling ball is hung off her angle rope. Now she is being mature bizarr beppie marjan bdsm pulled in 3d comic porn alien monster bdsm two directions.

How plenteous can she endure before the lights begin to fade, until the compass spins, and the darkness descends?

Quality: HDTVRip
Video: 1280x720
Audio: PCM 22050Hz stereo 128Kbps
File Size:172mb

fic bdsm

File greatness: 172.6 MB

fic bdsm

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