Friday, August 19, 2011

SOCIETY SM Aug 18, 2011 - Rubber Necro (PICS, HD) lady bdsm

leather bdsm
Rubber Necro one time again leaves the rubber at home and faces the world denuded and bound at SocietySM as Sandy Skarsgard...She'a a local fetish model who's turned into one helluva rubber model, and evolved deeper into BDSM to get to be one helluva rope sub...and she toughens up everytime we hit her...I didnt hold back at all...heavy floggers, dragon's tails and uncorrupt tails are just the warm up...Then it leather bdsm glove's a four quip spread on the concrete floor...our new tit clamps fit her extremely well....then I clamp her cunt and tie her lips to her a dildo stuffing her and vibrator tied against her clit, she cums ferociously...This is Sandy's in the beginning anal shoot and I work her through a series of plugs...a highminded tie keeps her bent, spread and immobile...I work her jack~ and feet as the plugs stretch her's lenceria bdsm a well placed dragon's horse-~ strike to the foot that makes Sandy clinch her butt cheeks and let off the plug out of her ass bdsm suspension...I replace it with every ass hook and tie it off to her head harness...bands forward the feet and a hard spanking put us in balance formerly again...then it's upside down, stretched out, hanging by her ankles...her carcass looks incredible as I begin to inverted hanging woman makes a considerable target actually...always a good time to make the rounds with a single tail...Sandy is a screaming mess as the vibrator digs her clit and the electric anal plug shocks her deep inside...she lesbian bdsm pic cums hard and needs to come down immediately...I figured she had a pretty finished day...Indeed, she survived shooting with the toughest BDSM site around...much thanks to this blooming young submissive...

File Size: 667 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720 bdsm dating
Length: 00:44:12
Format: MP4
Pics: included
Studio: Societysm

leather bdsm

File volume: 667.2 MB

leather bdsm

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